You Can Have a Pool and Stay Financially Afloat

You Can Have a Pool and Stay Financially Afloat

Discuss liner pool installation with Meridian, ID’s experts

You’d love to provide your family with a pool, but you’re worried about the expense. There’s no need for concern – Integrity Pools of Idaho offers many affordable options. Liner pools are especially popular with our Meridian, Idaho clients. We install a steel pool structure and cover it with a vinyl liner. This is a less-expensive alternative to a gunite pool.

For more information about our outdoor living areas, call us at 208-869-5615. Our custom pool builder can help you design a sleek and sophisticated space.

3 reasons to hire Integrity’s custom pool installer

Once your liner pool project is complete, you can:

  1. Occupy your kids – they’ll burn off excess energy and have hours of fun.
  2. Host outdoor get-togethers – enjoy a summer barbecue, and invite your friends over to take a dip.
  3. Relax and unwind – after a long day at the office, take a few moments to lounge by your pool.

Contact us for a free installation estimate. We’ll include the cost of a pool cover, too. At Integrity, we value your safety and wellbeing.